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Are you looking for reliable web deloper? Do you have project which is not simple and needs strong web development skills? Are you looking for somebody who can combine all the latest web development standards and technologies? Look no futher I can help you with your project and deliver it as desired.

Bigger web projects and web sites need very good organization, planning and structure. Good news, you dont have to do this any more. Simply contact me and we can discuss your project or idea in more details. I will provide you with my opinions and recommendations to make your project become real. I am aware how difficult is to find a good, reliable and dedicated coder. All projects I take are very important and I am willing to dedicate all the necessary time and effort to complete them.

The technologies I use to build your project fully depend on the requirements. Depending on the description I will pick up only the best available tools and methods to successfuly complete your work. With technologies like: HTML, CSS, JAVA, JavaScript, PHP, Jquery, ActionScript - Flash, Flex, Ajax and more the possibilities are endless. Having a good skills allows me to mix them and use them in perfect harmony which will reflect on the web site or application performance and stability.

My work includes:

• Detailed documentation for all work, creating Original Description Document
• Perfect structure of all files and ellements
• Using only appropriate and necessary technology
• Commenting and minimizing the amount of code lines
• Optimizing the code for maximum performance and stability
• Securing all access and input from user
• Optimizing the code for all popular web and mobile browsers
• Multiple testing and fixing all issues that might occur
• Delivery, providing all source codes and tutorials needed

Whether you need simple application or more complex project I am capable of developing it for you. As a backup I have also couple of very dedicated friends who are available to provide me with their help any time I will need. Thats why even large web projects can be developed in relatively short period of time. Please note that all your private data are fully protected and secured. Providing security is big part of my work because today amount of spammer and hacker attacks is raising. Very important part of your applicaiton or web site is the server you are willing to host your project on. I provide very reliable and secure web hosting only with the best performance and high impact on your SEO results.

In case you are interested to find out more about the web development, he way I work or the latest technologies do not hesitate and contact me any time.

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