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Start New Web Project and How It Works

Would you like to start some work or project? Please read following information before contacting me.

Before any work can be started all requirements must be prepared in written form. Every project is unique or different so, gather all information and prepare it in document is necessary. This document is called Original Description Document (ODD). This secure that there will not be any misundestandings between buyer and coder. The ODD is a must especially by bigger and more complex projects which might be very time consuming. Both sides need to agree on the requirements and terms stated in contract or formal emails. Generally the process consist of following steps:

* Preparation and Analysing the requirements
* Putting all requirements in written form
* Estimation and Agreement / Contract
* Deposit payment (mostly apply for web work)
* Completing the work including testing
* Final payment and Final delivery
* Technical support (mostly apply for web work)

From experience I can recommend all clients to add few examples of work or websites they like into the requirement info which
always help me to deliver the designs and work as desired. There is always considering client's satisfaction by delivering any
work. Quality matters and it is always prefererd before the speed or amount of work.
Please note that I do recommend all communication to be written down (if possible) which
will help both sides to have control and proof over all the requirements and work.

Ensure you have your requirements written down.

Prices are affordable comparing to other quality development individuals or companies.
Regarding security and reliability the Krenky Studio is offically registered in UK. All paper work
is provided as necessary. My work is protected and my clients info kept confidential.
I do not collect any client's or their customers data, neither provide them to 3rd parties.
My business is built on trust and long term collaboriation.

For any enquires, questions, or doubts please contact me.
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