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These days having a good webiste for your business is simply a must. If you are serious about your business make sure you have one which is looking good and working correctly. Whethever you are looking for new website or to upgrade the existing one my web design services can help you with that. I do web design with passion and I like to be creative while designing websites or creating their structures.

Every project is unique for me and every new work I approach with new and fresh ideas. I understand the importance of the website and it's look for presenting your business online. It is always a pleasure to see the website at work and knowing that it is generating more traffic. Be not worried if you are not sure how to name your pages or structure the content for them. I can provide you from designing work all the way up to creating content for pages (images, videos, text, links...) and also SEO with marketing packages that would suit your requirements.

Creating new website includes following few steps:

• Introducing and describing your business and ideas you have
• Discussing the ideas, structure, main functions and content
• Creating project description and agreeing on all terms and conditions
• Project start - designing part
• Approving and improving the design layout files
• Developing all pages with appropriate technology
• Testing, optimizing and fixing all issues
• Final Delivery and technical support

Following steps above will ensure that both sides client and web developer will be happy with the results. I never build any website until the client is happy with the designs and there is also some written description for the work. From 9 years of experience I can provide you also with the right solutions & directions to approach the market and create a big impact for all users that visit your new website.

The cost for your new website depends on more factors for example: how many pages you would like to develop, how much of your content needs to be created, if you require new logo, Search Engine Optimization or other services I provide. The price always depend on the time spent on your website project. More time is spent on your project better the design and results are.

Please note that I always prefer to create custom websites built from scratch rather than use some templates. Using templates is risky especially in terms of futher upgrades and modification and the whole impact for the user. Some users have a good konwledge of websites or web design work and they will recognize that you are using template within few seconds. This means they will know that you have not spent much effort to create some unique website for your business and they might ask themselves if you are serious about your business.

In case you are interested to find out more about web design, my work or any other services I provide please do not hesitate and contact me any time.

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