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Search Engine Optimization has been very demanded service in last few years. What is SEO and why is it so frequently discussed? Do I need SEO? Is it expensive? Is this going to help my business?

I hope following few paragraphs will be very useful for you and your business. Search Engine Optimisation is a process where you are going to push your website to the top of the listings in all well known search websites. I am sure you know them very well: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, etc.

First thing you need to do after your website is completed you need to submit it to these search sites so they will be able to find out your website. Sometimes this works by automatic but it might take some time until the results come. Thats why I recommend: * Submit your website with all major search sites.

Beeing on the top of the listing (first four - five pages) will increase the traffic to your website which directly resolves into higher sales and bigger popularity. The results always depend on two factors:

A: Keywords - words or phrase you are looking for
B: Competition - number of websites they target the same keywords / phrases as your one

In case your website include the right keyword and there is no competion you will be placed on first position. Here you can start considering that more unique and specific keywords will give you higher chance of beeing on the top. My second advice for you is going to be: * Be creative and think about some unique phrases / keywords defining your business.

Please note that this SEO article describes only generic search area which is the main area of the listing when you start your search. There are also sponsors websites (on top and bottom with different background behind it) and the featured adverts on the right side of the search. This ads have nothign to do with SEO these are simply the ads you can pay for and be this way on first page.

How the SEO works is more complex. There is a programm or software which goes step by step over each submited website again and again and it ranks them. This programm will rank everything that can be ranked and it becomes better and better as its improvements are done very frequently. Here is a short list of some of the main elements / parts these programs are looking into:

a) how relevant is your content on web pages you have?
b) how good meta tags, image tags and titles are?
c) how many and how relevant links you have on your website?
d) how good is the coding behind your website, what technologies you are using?
e) how good and fast is your web hosting, where is your web hosting based?
f) how long is your website online?
g) how old is your web domain and does it have any keywords?
h) how many external links you have pointing to your website?
i) how good are the articles pointing to your website?

These are only some of the important parts and points you should definitely look into. Everything about your website on internet matters and everything is important. If you follow the rules of the standards and practise of good SEO the search engines will reward you and rank your website with higher position in search results.

In general I split SEO work into two parts:

A: Internal SEO - improving yoru website coding, meta tags, content, structure, web hosting, etc
B: External SEO - improving your external links, articles, adverts - increasing link popularity.

Its very important to remember that the SEO is a process. Your website can be on 1st place today but next week might be not. With small improvements on regular bases and some effort in increasing articles and link popularity you will see your website grown and soon become one of the first pages in results. Please note that every website is differnet and every industry / keywords are different so the SEO work depends on your budget. More time you can cover for SEO person more faster you can grow.

Last thing I would like to inform that there are loads of companies and individuals offering these services. I know from experience that most of them are not doing this work correctly according rules. Whoever will take care of your SEO please make sure they will show some improvements very soon and that the traffic they will bring you is going to be relevant / targeted. If you are offering financial services you would NOT like to receive visitors looking for food, clothing etc. Thats why I advise you to deal with somebody who has a good experience in this field.

In case you like this article and you would like to find out more or willing to start your SEO work do not hesitate and contact me any time.

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